Mr. Bey Food Group



Established in 2013, Mr. Bey Food Group stands for Mr. Bey Premium Desserts, established in 2005 specializes in special desserts, and the Alibey, which operates since 1998 and is completely dedicated to produce high quality healthy foods. With structures based in Campinas, Indaiatuba and Sao Paulo, the company has a industrial structure of 4,685 m², is present in approximately 19 states in the country and has more than 5,000 active clients. With distinguished services and a mix of diverse and innovative products, Mr. Bey Food follows the best practices of quality and handling that there is in the food market and aims to provide products of excellent quality, and therefore, to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.


The Mr. Bey Premium Desserts was born in 2005 with the merger of Alibey Special Food and Holandesa & Co. Preserving the pioneering spirit, dedication and affection of its "predecessors", the company has maintained over the years the artisan touch, key feature of our desserts. Today, Mr. Bey Premium Desserts has a portfolio of 58 products, all made ​​with the finest ingredients, serving the segments of food service and retail, in a modern industrial structure that follows the best practices of quality in food handling existing on the market.

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Founded in 1998, Alibey is dedicated to providing distinguished and high quality products for the segments of food service and retail. The company was established for the development of products that would represent innovative options in relation to the traditional already on the market. It began its activities with the natural version of Dry Curd, adding afterwards, the light version and more recently bringing to market the Hummus. With the excellent growth of the domestic market and seeking to better serve its consumers Alibey, in 2013, opened its newest plant located in the industrial park of Indaiatuba - SP. With a modern industrial structure that follows the best practices in handling foods existing on the market.

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Developing innovative foods that surprise and satisfy its customers, through an environment of people who love and are proud of what they do.


Being the largest and most recognized company of premium food of Brazilian origin.


• Excellence in the details.

• Ethics, respect and honesty.

• Development focused on innovation.

• Commitment to growth and results.

• Encouragement and recognition of individual development.