Mr. Bey Premium Desserts

The Mr. Bey Premium Desserts is the result of the merger at the end of the year 2005 between two pioneers in the manufacture of premium quality desserts companies , so their story begins at the origin of its two predecessors , the Dutch & Cia . Alibey and Special foods .

In 1990 , at the residence of the former owners in Campinas - SP, Dutch & Company was born , aiming to provide excellent quality Deep-frozen desserts based on exclusive recipe of the original " hollandaise sauce " based pie and the wonderful Dutch After a year's work was opened . a small cafe in the city center of Campinas to give greater visibility to products that were already successful in some restaurants .

As the demand kept growing , especially in emerging market Food Service, through originality and excellent quality of the desserts , the partners decided to professionalize the business investing in a small factory in little more than 10 years , after 2 location changes , has become a more modest excellent factory with about 3 square meters for making desserts and distribution of the best quality patterns existing on the market. At this point , the original recipe of Pie Dutch had been violated , giving rise to " copies " in other companies , but which , however , served to popularize this wonderful dessert because the original Dutch Pie remained the leader in sales and differentiated quality .

Have Alibey Special Foods began operations in 1998 in the city of São Paulo, with the manufacture of dry curd typical product of Arabic cuisine which their owners descended . After 2 years , the product was already a success in the major supermarkets in the city as well as in some restaurants , so its members decided to explore these sales channels opting to enter the market with a product desserts hitherto unknown by most people .

It was in 2000 , when few people knew the now famous dessert Petit Gateau which was found only in fine restaurants , prepared by renowned chefs from kitchens or in some countries like the United States and France , then the owner of Alibey Special Food Lover chocolate, decided to make the product accessible to everyone pitching in supermarkets revenue of its creation . Therefore, success in supermarkets extended to restaurants throughout Brazil making the Petit Gateau one of the best selling desserts in the country .

The owners of Alibey , found in Dutch & Co. , a unique opportunity to broaden the mix of desserts, expand opportunities for manufacturing and commercial leverage synergies between the two companies .

Was thus born to Mr. Bey Premium Desserts , preserving the pioneering , dedication and affection of his two predecessors . Today posuímos a portfolio of 58 products, all made ​​with the finest ingredients , a 4,685 m² of industrial structure in the city of Campinas - SP , which follows best practices in handling quality of existing food market . We serve more than 5,000 points of sale in every country, in some regions directly and others through our distributors . All this while preserving the artisan touch key feature of our desserts .